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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

120 Days of Genitorture

The sounds of an adrenaline-pumping intake of primal music as it fills the air, creating surges of frenzied movements, is a natural by-product of industrial music.  Industrial music held strong sway in the ‘80s and ‘90s, with radio stations dedicated to the music style across the world.  One of the bands who dispensed that music was Genitorturers.  Affiliated with one of the more recognizable “indie” labels of that time, IRS Records, the band not only benefited by their own brand of energetic music but also the label’s visibility.  Born in Florida, the band blended a haughty, naughty show of porn and music, and endearing themselves to alternative fans.

On their first record outing, 120 Days of Genitorture, the band crafted a heavy mix of raucous metal and punk, with vocals that hint of today’s hardcore style.  Along with shocking, somewhat disturbing, photos adorning the cover and placed inside the album, this collection of 10 industrial tunes is a wild run through one of Rock’s pathways, even if it one of dark, unlit alley origin.  It not only showcases the expansive, many-armed grasp of Rock music, which has covered so much ground in its still short history, but it also is a rush of strong music in a vein shot.

If you have a fondness for the fast-paced, industrial-grade of Rock music with the heart of punk at its core, you’re going to get it all in the heavy bass and guitars of 120 Days of Genitorturers, complete with lyrics that might cauterize your piercings.   And with songs like “Velvet Dreams,” “Pleasure in Restraint,”, you’re going to get more than a share of the extreme, scary or not.

Release Date: February 05, 2008 (1993)
Produced by: Nick Turner & Genitorturers
Format: CD

Track Listing:

120 Days / Reality Check / Velvet Dreams / House of Shame / Pleasure in Restraint / Lesser Gods / Jackin' Man / River's Edge~Strip the Flesh / Force Fed / Crack Track.


Gen - Vocals
Jerry Outlaw - Guitars
Sean Colpoys - Bass
Ant Reckart - Drums.

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