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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Acoustic -
Colorado to Liverpool

Not being a huge Beatles fan, I have mixed feelings about this acoustic set of Beatles covers from Firefall vocalists, Jock Bartley and Steven Weinmeister.  I’ve always understood why folks are passionate about the Beatles but I’ve never shared that, finding the band to be somewhat ho-hum to The Rolling Stones.  But go figure, I’m a fanatical John Lennon fan, have an affinity for Ringo’s singles, like Paul McCartney’s solo output, and enjoy George Harrison from a solo standpoint.  Don’t get me wrong, like everyone, I do have some Beatles favourites – it’d be impossible to not have a few from the Fab Four on your list.

I am a bit on the confused side that this would be labeled a FIREFALL album when it should be by the two that recorded it. Firefall's fine recordings should not be judged by this recording. It is the same as if The Beatles recorded the covers of The Rolling Stones. But I'm off on a tangent here...

The acoustic covers on this album, Colorado to Liverpool, run the gamut from early Beatles (“You’re Gonna Lose That Girl,” “Norwegian Wood,” etc) to later material (“Come Together,” “Eleanor Rigby,” etc.)  And there are some very good renditions here, especially on “Here Comes the Sun,” and “You’re Gonna Lose that Girl.”  I particularly like the slide work on “Come Together,” but from a full Beatles covers album, I wonder whether this does justice to the talents of Bartley and Weinmeister.  Had a few of these songs found their way on an originals album, I feel the quality of the presentation would be far superior and less ‘Firefall does Beatles.”

If you’re a Beatles fan and you like the laid back sounds of Firefall (I loved them), then that mixture might be enough for you to enjoy the interpretations of this eclectic selection of Beatles songs.  If I had a say, I would have chosen Beatles songs that more closely match the flavour of Firefall – “Across the Universe” would have been interesting, as would have been “Something.”  Their recorded cover of “Here Comes the Sun” stands out as a prime example.

Release Date: September 04, 2007
Produced by: Jock Bartley

Format: CD

Track Listing:

Within You Without You / Girl / Norwegian Wood / You're Gonna Lose That Girl / Eleanor Rigby / Here Comes the Sun / No Reply / I Need You / Come Together / I'll Be Back / I Don't Want to Spoil the Party.


Steven Weinmeister - Vocals / Guitars
Jcok Bartley - Guitar / Vocals
John Magnie
Christian Teele
Brian MacRae
and more guests.

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