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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Kathleen Edwards
Asking For Flowers

Canadian singer-songwriter, Kathleen Edwards has waited for some time to build her new album of songs.  And after three years, it was worth the wait.  Asking for Flowers is a storybook, fashioning after her previous two works that include her excellent Back to Me (2005).  But more than that, her Country-styled voice has softened a bit.  The life observations on Back to Me were decidedly more Country in sound than the new album is.  Asking for Flowers has more depth to it, a stronger tinge of sadness to the songs within that may be more resigned than defiant, although there is defiance in here at times.

The songs of Kathleen Edwards have all displayed a sharply defined sense of the familiar as she recounts experiences that are kin to what we all experience.  Concerns that travel grounds of desertions, love lost, and overall disappointments interspersed with thoughts and nostalgias that make up our existence in these, our occupations in time and space. Her "Goodnight California" is a beautiful piece of work.

Asking For Flowers is a fine album, heads and tails above her previous works.  In her still young career, Asking For Flowers is, without a doubt, her most brilliant.  You’ll not make any wrong turns investing in this album of twelve songs that will have you intently involved.

Release Date: March 04, 2008
Produced by: Jim Scott & Kathleen Edwards
Format: CD

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