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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Come and See the Show

There nothing special about this single-disc collection of ELP favorites other than the fact that it is here to appease those that like ELP, but will not spring for a 2-disc set that may contain added stuff the average fan does not care about possessing.  Fair enough.  For those that feel this way, they now have the opportunity to hear a more concise set of the best-known songs from the band.

This set, Come and See the Show, is an album of 14 songs, a ‘best of’ for the rest of ‘em.  The largest feature of this abbreviated set from the well-collected 2CD Anthology is the current re-mastering of the songs.  The selections largely draw from the band’s heyday with the bulk of selections coming from albums up to Works Volume II.  Your classic ELP songs are all here, from “Lucky Man,” to “From the Beginning,” to “Jerusalem,” and to “Fanfare for the Common Man.”  This shortened set even includes the popular “I Believe in Father Christmas.”

The booklet is a solid 12-page document that includes pictures, track-list and credits, and a 3-page essay by Sean Egan.  Overall, if the progressive overload of ELP is too much for you in a large-scale, yet you still find some of their music wondrous to your ‘70s tastes, then this up-to-date re-mastered collection may be just all the ELP you need or want.

Release Date: April 08, 2008
Produced by: Derek Dressler
Format: CD

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