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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Electric Light Orchestra
Ticket to the Moon
The Very Best of ELO
Volume Two

Picking up where 2005’s collection, All Over the World,” left off, Ticket to the Moon gathers 20 additional cuts, some of them being obvious exclusions from the All Over The World.  This second volume, just as the first, was compiled and supervised by ELO mainman, Jeff Lynne, and yet, both volumes still manage to exclude the band’s first success in “Roll Over Beethoven.”  The problem with this “mistake” is that it either points to a third volume by its very exclusion, or it will simply be a glaring omission until Epic does a recompile a decade from now.

Regardless, Ticket to the Moon brings together the great album tracks that were too good to ignore but couldn’t possibly fit on a single disc collection.  It’s easy to see that Lynne intended to create a matching set of single disc releases that explore the musical heritage of ELO.  The omissions of All Over the World were too important to not be included in that heritage (not counting “Roll Over Beethoven”) and so it makes sense to have held some of them back for this second volume.

There are cuts from as early as 1974 (“Can’t Get It Out Of My Head”) from the Eldorado album, and as late as 2001’s Zoom (“In my Own Time,” “Moment in Paradise”).  Also added to this compile are three expanded tracks from the recent Epic/Legacy set of upgrades released over several years.  Those cuts are the excellent “Latitude 88 North,” a track cut but left off of the Out of the Blue (1977) set, “Destination Unknown” from the under-rated Balance of Power (1986), and “Surrender” from A New World Record (1976).

This disc of songs is notated by Jeff Lynne with track-by-track thoughts, added to by ELO archivist, Rob Caiger for a good end to a worthy project of restoration.

As a fan, I wish that I could point to a single track included here and say that this could have been left off in favor of adding “Roll Over Beethoven,” but I can’t.  Having said that, I’m willing to bet that there is a Volume Three in Lynne’s mind to tie up all of the best that ELO had to offer (note that “Boy Blue” has not been included on either collection, although not a “hit,” it certainly was a key track in ELO’s career).

Release Date: February 05, 2008
Produced by: Jeff Lynne
Format: CD

Track Listing:

Twiight / Do Ya / Can't Get It Out of My Head / Latitude 88 North / It's Over / Ticket to the Moon / Heaven Only Knows / Starlight / Four Little Diamonds / Secret Messages / Eldorado / So Serious / Last Train to London / In My Own Time / Destination Unknown / The Way Life's Meant to Be / One Summer Dream / Calling America / Moment in Paradise / Surrender.

Electric Light Orchestra (ELO):

Jeff Lynne - Vocals / Guitar / Keyboards / Synthesizers
Bev Bevan - Drums
Melvyn Gale - Cello
Kelly Groucutt - Bass / Percussion
Mik Kaminski - Violin
Hugh McDowell - Cello
Richard Tandy - Synthesizers / Keyboards

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