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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe


The ‘80s had a new wave scene that, like all genres, splintered into several factions.  There were the “serious” bands like Magazine, U2, etc, and then there were the pop incarnations, of which there were plenty that generated a hit, or maybe two.  Australia’s entry, Divinyls, were one of the latter.  Led by a feisty female singer, Christina Amphlett, Divinyls gained their largest notoriety from their UK/US Top10 hit, “I Touch Myself,” which was released in 1991, when the matured New Wave scene was diminishing.

However, the band released plenty of music prior to that hit.  Their first studio album was Desperate, released in 1984.  Soundwise, the band sounds like other female-led, pop New Wave bands, with their own piece of style to separate them.  That piece of style was for the most part, Christina Amphlett.  The album was not a bad one, with enough interesting things going on to make it one of the standouts.

The album is revisited as a mini-LP form of the original that is gaining some US popularity as a collectible CD for fans.  It is important to note that these mini-LP paper sleeved discs are imported and then released domestically and come with whatever were available on those imports.  If the album was remastered at the time of the Japanese reissue, then these imports are THAT remaster.  This release sounds great.  The CD is slipped into a white Chrysalis-logo inner sleeve.

Divinyls fans should be pleased that they can get this Limited Edition album for their collections, if they do not already own it otherwise.

Release Date: February 05, 2008
Produced by: Mark Opitz
Format: CD

Track Listing:

Boys in Town / Only Lonely / Science Fiction / Siren / Elsie / Only / Line Me Up / Victoria / Take a Chance / Make U Happy.


Christina Amphlett - Vocals
Rick Grossman - Bass
Richard Harvey - Drums
Mark McIntee - Guitars / Vocals
Bjarne Ohlin - Guitars / Keyboards

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