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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Dappled Cities Fly

Bands like Coldplay have opened up an avenue for other bands to apply the already successful style to a tweaked sound that mixes elements of personal stuff.  The new album, their second, from Dappled Cities Fly (not shown as such on their latest album) called Granddance is one of these and it works very well.  Not only does their music apply the pop work of a Beatles-like sound but they also blend in Coldplay-like guitars and sounds, all the while maintaining a strong identity that is distinct.

This Australian 5-member band never ceases to surprise throughout this album, in this case, a re-release finally reaching American shores after initially releasing in their homeland in late 2006.  Beginning with “Holy Chord,” it is this song that reminds heavily of Keane (another worthy Coldplay-like band that I feel is better than Coldplay).  The vocal work of Tim Derricourt (who is the English born member and hints of it sneaks out in his voice) is a strong point in the music.

As the album works through its length, the songs come through in a variety of ways.  One of the more interesting tracks is “Beach,” which begins with a consistent drum pattern that wraps around the song, while echoing keys provide much of the music.  It has an infectious melody that hangs in there and is (however offbeat, a definite B-side, if not a single choice).  The pop idiosyncrasies of Dappled Cities Fly are what make this band so good.

I recommend the band for the adventurous who like ‘off the path’ music.

Release Date: June 05, 2007
Produced by: xxx
Format: CD

Track Listing:

Holy Chord / Work It Out / Fire fire Fire / Colour Coding / Beach Song / Vision Bell / The Eve The Girl / Granddance / Within Hours / Watercourse / Battlewon.

Dappled Cities Fly:

Dave Rennick - Vocals / Guitar / Keyboards / Sampler
Tim Derricourt - Guitar / Vocals
Alex Moore - Bass / Bird Screams
Hugh Boyce - Drums
Ned Cooke - Keyboards / Samplers

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