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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Jamie Craig
The Lost Dream

Jamie Craig is a multi-instrumentalist although he prefers to do his composing on keyboards now.  The intent is to create a music that replicates the depth and grandeur of many progressive rock classics that include the likes of ELP, Yes, Genesis, and Tangerine Dream.  And while there are certainly tunes on his latest self-release that have a sound that brings some of these masters to mind, by and large, The Lost Dream sounds like a musically variant collection of ambient, new-age works.

Having said that, The Lost Dream is a nice album that brings together a wide stream of computer-born sounds, relying on electronic keyboards, which can replicate many real instrument sounds in an almost flawless way.  This is the type of music that the entirety of The Lost Dream is crafted from.  Craig uses a conceptual anchor, that of dreams formed and then scattered by events such as divorce, failure, and especially 9/11, to sound design with.

The album begins with the radio edit of “The Lost Dream,” a reduced version of the 6-minute track, also included in the album.  It’s a tender piece that uses a mournful saxophone sound.  “The Steel Wheel,” a song that celebrates in a bittersweet manner, the depressed but once proud glories of the auto industry in Detroit, follows it.  “Movement Z” has a Sorcerer (Tangerine Dream) familiarity to it.  The underlying concept of the song is a ‘start to finish’ search, exploring all avenues to accomplish what it is that you need.

Once you know the emotional origin of the music here, the music takes on a greater depth as you listen to the sounds.  Unfortunately, the booklet is a slip card with no explanations or commentary of the songs included.  However, the card/cover is revealing enough if you take a few moments to pore over it, although a 4-page booklet would have served the music better.

Jamie Craig has genuine emotional moments in his album.  But I want to hear more continuity.  The Lost Dream shows a promise of that ability.

Release Date: 2007
Produced by: Jamie Craig
Format: CD

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