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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Dave Cousins
The Boy in the Sailor Suit

Some things shouldn’t go ignored.  As we age, many of us have a tendency to dismiss current music and thus resign ourselves to hearing replays of once popular oldies on retro radio stations.  But a real good program for us aging listeners, one that would keep things fresh and fascinating, is to go back and introduce ourselves to overlooked music from the past.  In working on that project, you’ll discover that many of those musicians of yesteryear are still creating fascinating works.  Dave Cousins’ 2007 release of The Boy in the Sailor Suit is one such recording.

Dave Cousins was an essential part of Strawbs, whose expert song-craft made Strawbs an immense pleasure to listen to beginning in 1968.  Strawbs gained status in the early ‘70s with excellent works that still resonate today.  Cousins continues that art and craft in his latest, The Boy in the Sailor Suit, creating a strong album, beginning to end.

Aligned with The Blue Angel Orchestra, Cousins winds his way through songs of story-telling and poetic appreciation beginning with the ghostly “Never Take Sweets From a Strangers.”  A hauntingly beautiful “Mellow Moon,” and a rocked-up “Mother Luck,” with its Purple Haze-like rhythm guitar, follows.  Add to this the Irish charm of “Skip to my Lou,” as well as six other well-done songs, and you have an album worthy of your time. 

Dave Cousins should know that he has ‘left smiles behind.’  And for that, his fans are greatly appreciative.

Release Date: June 25, 2007
Produced by: Chris Tsangarides
Format: CD

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