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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Danielia Cotton
Rare Child

Danielia Cotton possesses a fantastically soulful R&B voice.  She just so happens to prefer classic Rock ‘n Roll, citing Led Zeppelin as a primary influence.  This gives us classic ‘70s rock in the true traditional sense in an album that will drop your jaw with its purity and its intensity. With a nod to the electric, gospel-tinged perfection on this album called “Testify,” I’m going to do a little of that as we explore this energetic gem known as Rare Child.

From the tantalizing opening track, “Make U Move,” with its Prince-like moments and its R&B/Rock intensity, on through the opulently gospel drenched Rock ‘n’ Roll righteousness called “Testify,” Ms Cotton will rock your world like it hasn’t been for a while.  “Rare Child” opens like a Jimi Hendrix song with its familiar sounding guitar intro that rears up now and again over its length.  There are few fillers on this album (“Running” is a bit weak, falling too squarely within a current Pop mode, and not in step with the rest of the album) of ten tracks because Danielia has a firm grasp of what it takes to create an early ‘70s-based R&B/Rock tune.  The album closes with another Rock/R&B fusion smoker, “Bound.”

Danielia Cotton is a name that you should remember because it is the name of one of the more exciting soulful talents to arise in this era of Rock music.  And with her searing guitar skills, she makes not only Rare Child a genuine work of Rock classicism, but all of her albums.  However, regardless of how you personally view Rare Child, the classic “Testify” will stay with you forever.  Of that, there is no doubt.

Release Date: May 20, 2008
Produced by: Brad Jones / Joe Blaney / Danielia Cotton
Co-Produced by: Kareem Devlin and Shelby Gaines ("Make U Move")

Format: CD

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