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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Sean Costello
We Can Get Together

Sean Costello learned guitar at the age of 9…taught himself.  That is more than I can say about myself as I now struggle through the second year of “teaching myself” just a little guitar.  But the style of blues that Sean Costello sings and plays cannot be taught.  That’s a natural.  With a deep, throat-growling blues voice, Costello has produced several albums of blues that began with his hard-won production of Call the Cops, his follow-up of Cuttin’ In (2000), Moanin’ for Molasses (2002), Sean Costello (2005), and his latest We Can Live Together.  All of these albums have a connection to the time-tested blues of Chicago and New Orleans, complete with funk and some soul.

We Can Get Together begins with a funky blues piece that smokes out of the gate, Johnny Winter-style.  The song, “Anytime You Want” joins ten good, solid tunes.  Of all of the songs on this album, Costello wrote nine of them.  The album is wrapped by two traditional blues including a song taught him by Levon Helm (The Band), who had learned it from his parents, “Little Birds.”

The swamp-blues of “Same Old Game,” the soulful “Can’t Let Go” and gospel/soul flavour of “You Told Me a Lie” are variations that seem to produce effortlessly for Costello.  The best song on the album is the rockin’ “Hard Luck Woman,” which is like traditionally-styled Johnny Winter blues, as is “How in the Devil.”

Fans of the blues style will thoroughly enjoy these bluesy tunes as interpreted and dispensed by Sean Costello.  He’ll help carry the torch into this millennium to preserve the very roots of Rock ‘n’ Roll.  With serious interest beginning to be paid to this kind of music (think Amy Winehouse), perhaps we’ll see a strong roots resurgence of the genre and thus revitalize our heritage and, more importantly, good ole Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Thorogood has some serious competition in Sean Costello.  You’re going to be pleased with We Can Get Together.  There’s not a bad song on the album.

Release Date: February 19, 2008
Produced by: Sean Costello, Aaron Trubic, and Jeff Bakos
Format: CD


Track Listing:

Anytime You Want / Same Old Game / Can't Let Go / Told Me a Lie / Hard Luck Woman / How in the Devil / Have You No Shame / Going Home / All This Time / Feels Like I Ain't Got a Home / Little Birds.

Sean Costello:

Sean Costello - Vocals / Guitars
Aaron Trubic - Bass / Percussion
Paul Campanella, Jr - Drums / Percussion
Rich Iannucci - Organ / Accordion
Oliver Wood - Guitar
Jon Liebman - Harmonica
Ray Hangen - Drums

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