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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Gilby Clarke
Gilby Clarke

Gilby Clarke has had a nice set of years behind him.  The guy has been in Guns n’ Roses, replacing Izzy Stradlin during the Use Your Illusion world tour, and the Spaghetti Incident album; he has seen work with the gorgeous gals of Heart, and he has worked on solo albums of GnR alumni, Slash (Slash’s Snakepit), and Duff McKagan (Believe in Me).  In addition, this guy has been all over the place producing works for LA Guns, Beat Angels, and The Bronx in his own Redrum (MirrorSpeak from King’s The Shining – Murder spelled backwards) Studio.  Suffice it to say, Gilby Clarke has been getting no rest.  Even when it comes to his own material.

Spitfire Records has released a healthy collection of rockin’ plunder from the best of Clarke’s recorded output.  The collection is called – simply – Gilby Clarke and is stuffed full with a batch of music that is stylistically a mélange of songs found on his solo work over the years.  There are 14 tracks that extend from Pawnshop Guitars (1994) through his Swag of 2002.  There is even a new cut on the album, slid in between the otherwise chronologically sequenced compilation.

Representation is “Cure me…or Kill Me…,” a metal tune from Pawnshop Guitars while, from the same 1994 album, “Tijuana Jail” serves up a downshifted rock tune that shows Clarke’s stuff.  “Black,” the latest Gilby Clarke song, while good, doesn’t have the same “bite” that his earlier stuff does.   It steps back to the country-flavoured “Skin n’ Bones” from the same album.

The Hangover (1997) gets 3, while Rubber (1998) delivers 2.  Rock n’ Roll Music (2001) is repped by 2 and Swag (2002) finishes this compile with 3 songs.  If you have followed this guitar slinger’s trail (and he’s a Gibson guy) then this ‘best of’ selection with its rock spectrum sliding that highlights Clarke’s ability to play styles, will please his fans.  A favourite of mine is “Bourbon Street Blues” with its honky-tonk rock and the following “Can’t Get That Stuff,” a dose of Stones rock.


Release Date: January 30, 2007
Produced by: Various
Format: CD

Track Listing:

Cure Me...Or Kill Me / Tijuana Jail / Skin & Bones / Alien / I'm Nobody / Judgement Day / Motorcycle Cowboys (Live) / Wasn't Yesterday Great / It's Good Enough For Rock n Roll / Punk Rock Pollution / Kilroy Was Here / Bourbon St Blues / Monkey Chow (Live) / Dropping Out (Col Parker) / Can't Get That Stuff (Col Parker) / Black.

Gilby Clarke:

Gilby Clarke - Guitars / Vocals
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