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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Teenage Poetry

Chandeen, a European dream-pop band founded and guided by mainstay, Harald Löwy, has resurfaced after an extended hiatus.  With many albums already in their catalogue, this revitalized version of the band adds a decidedly more melancholic gothic mood than in times past.  In this incarnation, Chandeen’s female vocals take on a less airy quality even as it fits the new album, Teenage Poetry, very well.

Chandeen has marvelously evolved in style and content over the years.  On Teenage Poetry, they take their successful European dream-pop formula and infuse it with an introspective edge.  Vocalist Julia Beyer does an excellent job of making that transition an effective one with her naturally tender, melancholy delivery evocative of deep thought.  Löwy, who understands Chandeen best, is expert at capturing moments with his piano treatments and synth-works.  With the help of co-producer and bandmate, Mike Brown, the trio that is Chandeen (along with Julia Beyer) has made Teenage Poetry one of the band’s more memorable moments.

The eleven originals found on Teenage Poetry are twilight-haunting with their softly tinkling keys that bring to mind a meditative period, where one focuses in on a crystallizing thought.  Some songs start with eerie spoken intros, while others are synth-ambient throughout.  One thing is evident.  Chandeen has found themselves again, and fans get to enjoy yet another album, even if long awaited.

Release Date: March 28, 2008
Produced by: Harald Löwy and Mike Brown
Format: CD


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