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Reviewed by - George Bennett

Brandi Carlile
The Story

Well, it's been quite some time since I've felt moved enough to buy any new music, much less write a review.  Brandi Carlile's new disc, 'The Story', has, thankfully, broken that long drought for me.

Ms. Carlile is an amazing new talent with a voice that will impress even the most hardened of nay-sayers (ahem, such as yours truly)... a voice that borrows from so many predecessors that it's at once refreshingly new, yet as comfortable as an old shoe. Imagine a combination of Patsy Cline, Roy Orbison, (the girl can split a note and jump an octave like the
best yodelers, yet there's no yodeling here), the edginess and raspiness of a Bonnie Tyler or Kim Carnes (remember "Betty Davis Eyes"?), the pure beauty of Emmylou Harris, and the jazz-tinged Ricki Lee Jones and Joni Mitchell.  Carlile's vocal abilitiy is the true star here, and truly impressive.

She is also a great songwriter and acoustic guitarist. She writes the bulk of the 13 songs here, and shares the balance of the writing with one, or both, of the brothers Hanscroth (Phil plays bass, Tim on lead guitar, both on backing vocals).  And man, do these songs run the gamut:  a heady brew of folk and country rock that's as soft as a cloud at times and all stomping electric mosh at others - often in the same song.

Guests include The Indigo Girls on harmony, and the legendary T Bone Burnett produces.  The sound is
crystal clear, the arrangements perfectly engaging, the use of solo and group dynamics set just right
within each song.

The first single is the lovely "Late Morning Lullabye", but my faves include the title cut (just
about the perfect song to my ears), "Wasted", "Have You Ever", "Josephine", "Until I Die", "DownPour",
"Shadow on the Wall" and the album's closer "Again Today" (there are 13 songs on this disc, so I guess
most are my favorites, which says a heck of alot about the quality of tunes here!  I'm not easily pleased!).

It's been a long time, too long, since I've been impressed with any new releases at all, much less this
impressed.  A marvelous album all the way through! Brandi Carlile will be around for a long and stellar
career.  She's the real deal, and that voice is to die for!  So much talent wrapped up in one person - the
mind boggles!  Find it and buy it - very highly recommended!

Release Date: April 03, 2007
Produced by: T Bone Burnett
Format: CD

Track Listing:

Late Morning Lullaby / The Story / Turpentine / My Song / Wasted / Have You Ever / Josephine / Losing Heart / Cannonball / Until I Die / Downpour / Shadow On the Wall / Again Today.

Brandi Carlile:

Brandi Carlile - Vocals / Guitar
Keith Ciancia - Keyboards
Tim Hanseroth - Guitars
Phil Hanseroth - Bass
Matt Chamberlain - Drums / Percussion
David Palmer - Keyboards.

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