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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe


This Connecticut 4-member band displays a lot of goods,and musical talent on their self-released debut album, the self-titled Bushwhack.  Termed as progressive metal, they follow the lead of bands like Porcupine Tree, using them as templates to spring off from.  The album is all instrumental and has some good songs on there to show that, in time, Bushwhack, could be delivering some compelling music to a larger audience.  As is, the album is quite fun to listen to.

The musical influences of Bushwhack run deeper than Prog Metal.  As an example, on the album’s fourth song, “Guacamole,” there is a bit of funk mixed in with the metal.  At times, the song sounds like something The Police might have played with had they arrived several decades later than they had.  Regardless, it’s nice to recognize Summer’s guitar influence in music now and again.  “Menace” even incorporates some Police in it as it progresses into the fine song it is.

I like what Bushwhack is doing.  It shows a maturity in today’s artist that hopefully will expand even further.  As younger artists explore the music growth capabilities, we’ll further bridge the gap between older adults who grew up on ‘60s/70s music and the younger adults who are starting to create generous catalogs of music that intrigues.

The more I play Bushwhack, the bigger a fan I become.

Release Date: January 02, 2008
Produced by: Jeff Cannata
Format: CD

Track Listing:

In Solitude / The Greatest Wall / Future's Passed / Guacamole / Sea of Tranquility / Menace / Sever the Sky / Sirens / Introspection / In Flames / Mariachi Massacre / Head Trauma / Honor.


Frank Sacramone - Keyboards / Sampling
Jamie Van Dyck - Guitars
Brandon Green - Bass
Ben Shambron - Drums / Percussion

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