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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Shauna Burns
The Moon & The Fire Circle

There are a ton of aspiring singer-songwriters out in the big ole world.  Fact is, there are too many that try to steal my heart even though I recognize their insincerities from the very beginning.  To have the talent and the heart to speak to me on levels other than my ears is a rarity that a few are successful at.  I spurn most of them.  But out of thousands, there are few that hold keys of their own fashioning, a key that works the tumblers of my understanding as if I gave it to them in the first place.  Shauna Burns is such a one.

The first thing that strikes you is Shauna Burns’ abilities to play the piano.  Her chords struck, strike another found within.  Music is a force that can speak to emotions and souls, moving past the first contact of the brain.  Shauna Burns has spent untold time at the keyboards to make the instrument a conduit of her rather than her a master of the instrument.  This is where you separate the prodigies from the technically brilliant.

On her album, the Moon and the Fire Circle, she creates 14 songs that are extensions of her.  The fact that they’re quite good just adds to the album’s already numerous qualities.

Shauna, if you promise to continue to craft such tunes as you have on The Moon and the Fire Circle, then you can keep the key; you’re welcome anytime.

Release Date: February 19, 2008
Produced by: Shauna Burns and James Clark
Format: CD

Track Listing:

Bloom / Desert Sun / Comet / Out / Chamber / Starfish / Tumbleweed / The Caribbean Sea / Failed You / The Slow Process of Shutting Down / Around You / Magic / And Fire / When the Rain Comes.

Shauna Burns:

Shauna Burns - Vocals / Piano
James Clark - Drums / Percussion

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