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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Sarah Borges
and The Broken Singles

Diamonds in the Dark

By the time Sarah Borges moves into the second song on her newest album, Diamonds in the Dark, you have already started paying closer attention to what you’re hearing.  Although her rendition of “Come Back to Me” (X – Under the Big Black Sun), is less than that of Exene, it is still notable enough that you know the rest of Diamonds in the Dark (title borrowed from a line in this X song) will be a fun listen.  And it is.

Looking like Sandra Bullock would have if she had gone the music route, Sarah Borges and her three-member cohorts, The Broken Singles, dip in and out of several styles, especially a country/pop vein.  “Stop and Think It Over,” which follows the first two songs, sounds like a sprightly Go-Go’s tune, and a well-done one at that.

There are nine more songs on this album, some that bleed Tennessee-way country, but overall, this splendid mix of tunes is a satisfying effort from a band that I’ll be paying closer attention to from here on out.  If you can, check out “Modern Trick,” a country-drenched tune that uses a different set of vocals to offset.

Diamonds in the Dark is worth the investigation.

Release Date: June 12, 2007
Produced by: Paul Q Kolderie
Format: CD

Track Listing:

The Day We Met / Come Back to Me / Stop and Think it Over / Around 9 / Lonely Town of Love / False Eyelashes / Modern Trick / Belle of the Bar / Open Up Your Back Door / Lord Only Knows / Diablito / Blind Love.

Sarah Borges and The Broken Singles:

Sarah Borges - Vocals / Guitars / Percussion / Sitar / Wurlitzer
Rob Dulaney - Drums
Binky - Bass / Vocals
Mike Castellana - Guitar / Pedal Steel

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