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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Jeff Cardoni / VA

I am a Pontiac automobile fan.  My infatuation began with the GTO, and has continued to this day.  In my life, I have owned a yellow 1969 LeMans, a 2-door Coupe model, a car I loved immensely.  I currently own a Grand Prix.  And so it with little surprise – if any at all – that I’m automatically drawn to a film with the name Bonneville (it’s a Pontiac, for those who might not know) in its title. 

The film is one of discoveries.  Three later-model ladies take a trip from Idaho to California and discover themselves for the first time in a series of events, discussions, and realizations that redefine the women for the rest of their lives.  Films like these are all over the cinematic map, but that is the value of movies – they bring you something that you can inherit and take home, perhaps even absorb as your own philosophy.

Films of this nature also incorporate music that girds its message, and this hybrid Score/Soundtrack for Bonneville is no exception.  It contains eight vocal tracks and seven composed score pieces.  The vocal tracks include a suited “Catch the Wind” by Donovan, a spectacular version of “Mama Told Me (Not to Come)” by Lazlo Bane, and a sensitive piece by Pete Droge called “Under the Waves.”

The Jeff Cardoni compositions are incredibly moving pieces beginning with the catching but too short “Opening.”  Cardoni has a real grasp of human emotion; his ability to complement scenes with encompassing music reveals that forthcoming scores by this man should be excellent.  His sensitive compositions clearly add to this film’s impact.

As a standalone album, Bonneville is gold.  With those selections of vocal and score tunes, the album can be listened to as a connective reminder of the film, or as a moving collection of songs that warms.

Release Date: March 04, 2008
Produced by: Robert May/Lauren Timmons (Score) & Skip Williamson/Brian McNelis (Soundtrack)
Format: CD

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