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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Blood Meridian
Liquidate Paris!

Blood Meridan is a hard-ridin’, semi-acoustic extension of Vancouver’s Black Mountain.  In sound, they remind of early Jane’s Addiction (who were, at points, more electric than Blood Meridian but the influence is surely here), and Thanatos, whose acoustic renderings of their own songs were dark, forlorn, and something quite interesting to listen to.  There is even a ghost of XTC within some songs (hear “Long Way Around” for some of this).  It would be wise to add the obvious influence of Black Mountain, which are clearly here.  Blood Meridian, as a side project to BM, is a cathartic exercise for Matthew Camirand, and Joshua Wells, who recorded these nine songs on an old-school 8-track Tascam cassette recorder.

Blood Meridian is no stranger to recorded music.  Not only do several members play with Black Mountain, but they also have three earlier albums in the marketplace beginning with We Almost Made it Home, followed up with Soldiers of Christ, and the V2 Records release of Kick Up the Dust released in 2006.  I have not heard any of their prior albums but it is a lack that I fully intend to remedy very soon.

The music of Liquidate Paris! mixes acoustic club-rock as heard on their excellent first track “Everything she Said,” as well as “When Tomorrow Comes,” and “Alice (Have We Met?),” along with some twangy Western-influenced tunes (“Long Way Around,” “Walk Thorough the Door”) and straight-out rockers (“The Running River of Guilt,” “Do You Think You Know My Name?”).  The songs of Liquidate Paris! are brooding, unforgiving, and thematically hard-edged.  All of this is no surprise since the band’s name is taken from the 1985 Cormac McCarthy novel of extreme Western violence.

  Released on CD and LP, Liquidate Paris! is a very limited release with only 1000 copies of each format available.  Check out their MySpace page song selections for a listen, which – really – is not sufficient to provide the needed assessment.  While Blood Meridian is not for everyone, I highly recommend them.

Release Date: November 20, 2007
Produced by: Matthew Camirand and Joshua Wells
Format: CD

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