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Reviewed by - John Dunphy

Blinded Colony
Bedtime Prayers

A word to the wise for those who write promotional material for new bands: when writing stuff like “never imitating, but building upon the bricks laid by bands like The Haunted, Soilwork, In Flames and Children of Bodom,” try not to sound like The Haunted, Soilwork, In Flames and Children of Bodom.

Blinded Colony’s Pivotal Rockordings (who?) debut will go down the pike with nary a murmur from the general public as it fails to create its own identity, basically pissing in the face of whoever wrote the contradictory words above. A shame, too, because in the overflowing waters of melodic death metal to have polluted my ears over the last several years, Blinded Colony keeps my interest longer than most.

All the pieces are there: guitarists Tobias Olsson and Johan Blomstrom play in tandem with one another with technical ease, producing catchy, aggressive material. A little uncredited keyboard flourish and sparse programming breaks up the monotony of the guitars while vocalist Johan Shuster mixes growls with cleans throughout, mainly on the catchy choruses that rely (extensively) on In Flames most recent, user-friendly offerings.

But, ultimately, this is just another also-ran in the vein of Lilitu (which I reviewed) and Sonic Syndicate (which I did not). That I have reviewed Blinded Colony’s latest says that I’ve at least thought high enough of it to tell others about them, but it’s not saying a whole lot. “the representation of the next breed of aggressive metal”? If so, then aggressive metal’s in worse shape than I thought.

Release Date: January 09, 2007
Produced by: Blinded Colony
Format: CD

Track Listing:

My Halo / Bedtime Prayers / Once Bitten, Twice Shy / Need / Revelation, Now! / 21st Century Holocaust / Aaron's Sons / In Here / Heart.

Blinded Colony:

Johan Schuster - Vocals
Tobias Olsson - Guitar
Johan Blomstrom - Guitar
Roy Erlandsson - Bass
Steffan Franzen - Drums.

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