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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

British Sea Power
Do You Like Rock Music?

The latest album by British Sea Power show that their previous two albums were but steeping stones to a greater moment.  And that moment has arrived in Do You Like Rock Music?  These boys from the land of England, Brighton to be exact, provide twelve strong tracks.  There is a sound of the current English trend in music in them, an elaborate blend of music and lyrics that is quite satisfactory to those who might enjoy the music of Arcade Fire (a Canadian band).

Like such artful bands that have long preceded these boys, bands like Television, and Talking Heads from the late ‘70s, who took music to a different place, British Sea Power help to bring in the currently developing new style of music that remind of those earlier times.  They merge big choral walls of sound in with the substance, and it’s all wonderfully enjoyable. 

The album begins with a short “All in It,” a chanter with an echo, augmented by a kick-beat and organ before it blasts out with some loudness.  It is the presenter of the album as it launches into a sturdy and brilliant “Lights Out for Darker Skies,” which has the general feel of a Babyshambles tune.  But it is straw for their shelter, because the rest of the album finds its footing better as it goes along.  By its finish, British Sea Power has constructed a solid work that should have you a fan for life. Released in the UK in January of 2008, it entered at #10.

I recommend this album with a heavy swig of enthusiasm.  Do yourself the favour of searching out some sample tracks from the album.  If you find them to your liking, then you have the pleasure of knowing that their previous albums and EPs are for the having.  Do You Like Rock Music? is on cue

Now, get to it!

Release Date: February 12, 2008
Produced by: Howard Bilerman, Efrim Menuck, and Graham Sutton
Format: CD

Track Listing:

All in It / Lights Out for Darker Skies / No Lucifer / Waving Flags / Canvey Island / Down on the Ground / A Trip Out / The Great Skua / Atom / No Need to Cry / Open the Door / We Close Our Eyes.

British Sea Power:

Scott Wilkinson (Yan) - Vocals / Guitars
Martin Noble (Noble) - Guitars
Neil Wilkinson (Hamilton) - Bass / Vocals / Guitars
Matthew Wood (Wood) - Drums

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