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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Autumn's Grey Solace

Projekt Records have been a developmental home to several, eternally memorable bands.  Those that immediately come to mind are Love Spirals Downward (now known as Lovespirals), Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Thanatos, and Lycia.  All have a unique sound of their own, veering into different territories.  With their 5th album, Ablaze, Autumn’s Grey Solace joins their lofty ranks.

Autumn’s Grey Solace has created a stunning shoe-gazer classic with their latest album.   Ablaze is filled to the brim with gorgeous, moody music that is a soundtrack to a summer night’s walk through meadows of rising fireflies.  Simply, Ablaze is as equally a timeless album in the shoegazer genre as you can get, sidling up to the ones already there.

Eschewing keyboards and synthesizers, their usage of traditional instruments is the backbone of their sound.  Creating an incredibly lush, ethereal shoegaze waterfall of sound, a sure-grip soundtrack to the angelic voice of Erin Welton (reminiscent of Harriet Wheeler from The Sundays), Scott Ferrell has produced an essential and enduring album that is mentionable in the same breath as other notable shoegazer classics.

From the perfect “Fluttermoth” (which should be first single off the album), to the OMD-like music of “Eternal Light,” to the wistful “Imaginary Grey,” and the delightful “Sea of Honesty,” Ablaze will mesmerize you completely, just as Love Spirals Downward did in the ‘90s.

Ablaze is the kind of work that you remember decades later, when all the other music has set like the sun, dissipating into nightfall.  Adorned with a flawless cover, indicative of the bright music of the duo that forms Autumn’s Grey Solace, Ablaze is rapturous from beginning to end.

Fans of the shoegazer genre have no reason to vacillate on this release.  Consider it essential for it surely is.

Release Date: May 06, 2008
Produced by: Autumn's Grey Solace
Format: CD

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