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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

April Wine
First Glance

Back in the ‘70s, especially as the decade began to slip and slide into the ‘80s style of Rock, there was April Wine, so named because the band determined that the two words went well together.  While the band had come into recording for a label in the early ‘70s, it wasn’t until later that the public began to give the band its overdue “props.”  April Wine released First Glance, their first with Capitol Records, thus beginning a long and satisfying career with the label.

First Glance, while a polished effort with plenty of good songs, still wasn’t one of the band’s best, although it was instrumental in getting them noticed more than they were used to by then.  Also, First Glance represents a band that was very clear on how they wanted to sound.  Their style of Rock on First Glance is the early sound of the embryonic ‘80s method of Rock (Loverboy, Def Leppard, etc.), while still representing that late ‘70s period of safe FM rock.

There’s even good-hearted fun here as heard on their “Hot on the Wheels of Love.”  During the song, you hear a hick deputy heralding pursuit of someone headed for the border before “he gawn.”  You’ll no doubt enjoy tunes like “Right Down to It,” “Get Ready for Love,” and the very good “Roller” and “Let Yourself Go.”

First Glance is a good album, and is a great starting point for one exploring not only the period it was born in but also April Wine, who would go on to make much better albums.  Our hats are off to the reissuing label, American Beat, as they continue to bring these seemingly forgotten albums back into print, allowing for a fuller collection in your library at decent pricing.  The albums are straight across reissues, unadorned but fulfilling.

Release Date: April 29, 2008 (1978)
Produced by: Miles Goodwyn
Format: CD

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