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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Alio Die / Martina Galvagni
Eleusian Lullaby

The softness that flows through the latest title from Italian sound-craftsman, Alio Die, is quite interesting.  Eleusian Lullaby is just what the title implies, an ethereal beckoning to sleep and dream.  The Greek mythologies surrounding the mysteries of Eleusis in their ceremonies that celebrated the afterlife were sacrosanct.  Those mystical pathways promised powers and riches that speak of a perfect place attainable only by an initiation into the secret rites and worships, with the result afterwards, a holy familiarity with the Greek gods.  Visions were seen, and a higher appreciation of life as a pathway to the greater glories, were endeared. 

In the first track found on Eleusian Lullaby, the hypnotic blanket of softly shifting sounds and a bell-like focal point, is a soundtrack of those ancient journeys.  It is the imagined music of the spaces found in between the earth and the afterlife, never threatening, always calling.  In its nearly 22 minutes of a consistent stream of sounds with the occasionally inserted vocals of Italian singer, Martina Galvagni, the comforting music reaches levels that equate to background music for some and a genuine creation of a musical sphere.

Martina Galvagni moves into a fuller role on the more religious-like worship sequence of the album, the 16-minute “A Drone Song for Alienor.”  The music of Alio Die takes a more reverential sound as Martina provides chant-like vocals to accentuate the watery essence of the location that the music has created.  It is as if the world has a worshipful atmosphere that follows your walk through it.

The final track, “Eleusian Lullaby” begins with the sound of wind chimes, creating the effect of a slight soothing wind.  There is a greater sense of the unknown in this piece, more respectful than anything else.  The vocals of Martina Galvagni begin almost immediately to instill a feel that you have arrived at a place and there are beings nearby.  But, as the music is more ethereal, it never places emphasis on a created world.  Instead, it lays the foundation of a dreamed world that is spiritual in every sense.  The focal point bell returns as Galvagni’s vocals beautifully chants.

The music of Eleusian Lullaby is excellent looping ambient made to relieve you of a near hour of reality.  Whether you put this in just as you slumber, or you provide it your full attention, you’re getting a fantastic experience with this Alio Die & Martina Galvagni soundcraft.  No matter what, Eleusian Lullaby proves that music can be serious stuff.

Release Date: January 29, 2008
Available now via Online Store
and DD via iTunes
Produced by: Alio Die
Format: CD

Track Listing:

The Oniroid Sleep / A Drone Song for Alienor / Eleusian Lullaby.

Alio Die / Martina Galvagni:

Alio Die - Psaltery / Zither / Kalimba / Cithara / Metals / Sitar / Shruti-Box / Drones and Loops / Field Recordings
Martina Galvagni - Voice.


Chako & Makoto (Jack or Jive) - Metal Instruments (Tracks 1,3)
Lorenzo Pittan - Rattles (Track 2).

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