Big Red & Barbacoa

Release Date: April 6, 2010
Produced by: Dan Auerbach and Hacienda
Format: CD



Matt Rowe


The latest Hacienda album, Big Red & Barbacoa has tapped into the sounds of '60s Pop in a big way.  Never more noticeable than on their single, "Younger Days," where they are so time-tunnelled that you'll do a double-take to check your calendar...year.

"Younger Days" is so perfect as a retro tune that you'll immediately have a yesteryear soundtrack playlist sounding in your head (provided that you were listening to '60s radio when your were younger.) It's followed by a similar track (more album cut than single) named "I Keep Waiting."

Many of the tracks on Big Red & Barbacoa have a Tex-Mex sound that will be welcomed by fans of that style.  But it's all sweet treat listening that should have you enjoying all the tracks, especially the instrumental "Big Red," and that spectacular single, "Younger Days.". You'll also love their cover of The Everly Brothers' "You're My Girl."









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