The Opposite Sex
Live + Burn

Release Date: September 01, 2009
Produced by: N/A
Format: CD/EP



Matt Rowe


The members of The Opposite Sex, a band from DC that are a time-warp back into the gothic-tinged wonders of the '80s such as you have experienced with The Cure (vocalist, Shawn Helton, can remind you of Robert Smith easily enough), are such a treat with their excellent, up-front music that makes up their songs.  They have just released an energetic 6-track EP, Live + Burn, that advances their already wonderful style heard on their previous full-length, Violent Heartstrings. 

Violent Heartstrings, produced in 2007, delivers 10 songs of pure gothic craft that you'll wonder just what era you're in.  Of course, this will delight you because the music styles of the '70s, and '80s are fast becoming a sought after commodity.  Today's audiences are reaching back to find some  music that helped to shape what we have today, even if today's music is quite different.  What's better  than finding out about The Cure?  It's finding a young, current, full-of-talent band that takes their cues from the influential bands of the past and flawlessly replicates them in a fresh manner.  Like The Opposite Sex does.

On Live + Burn, The Opposite Sex turns in a more mature work than their previous Violent Heartstrings (no knocks on Violent Heartstrings intended but it is refreshing to find a band talented enough to mature).  While you'll find influential references to bands like The Cure (as heard on the first song, "Frozen Heart, Frozen Mind,” you can also hear trace amounts of Gene Loves Jezebel, and a few other popular bands of the '80s that had gothic rock as their core sound.

Every member of the band bring themselves to the fore in this wonderfully produced album.  The music is rich and deserves as much attention as previous purveyors of the the past (The Strokes, Interpol), who have gained rightful notoriety for their music.

Let me be one of the first to introduce you to The Opposite Sex and their music.  Be sure to get their wonderful new EP.  Be even doubly sure to pick up their full-length, Violent Heartstrings when you get a chance.  You'll love the energy of Live + Burn better, and rightfully so.  With songs like “Leave It All Behind,” you just cannot go wrong.  But their beginnings are almost as wondrous to listen to.









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