Cosmic Egg

Release Date: October 27, 2009
Produced by: Alan Moulder
Format: CD



Matt Rowe


When the mainstay - and essential - element of Wolfmother jettisoned his band and rehired new musicians in anticipation of the 2nd album, fans were worried.  Imagine if Black Sabbath, who is a heavy influence heard on the original Wolfmother album, had fired all but Ozzie.  Would it have worked?  I'm glad that we'll never know the answer to that question but the fact remains, Andrew Stockdale had a vision and he rebuilt Wolfmother from the ground up.

With his amazingly chameleonic voice, which sounds at times like a young Robert Plant, yet maintaining a refreshingly original Rock quality rarely heard in today's market, Stockdale has given us a memorable work.  The album is so unbelieveably perfect that we have received an Album of the Year effort by a band that gets what it means to make a great rock album worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as classic titles.

Am I gushing?  You bet I am.  I haven't heard such a born classic that is out of it's timeframe...ever!

There are 12 songs on Cosmic Egg that would have welcomed the band into superstardom had they produced this album in the '70s.  What makes this more incredible is that the band sounds genuinely like they are FROM the '70s.  They have a realistic feel and capture that is eerily time-shifting.  Channeling? I think so.

The album opens with "California Queen" that sounds like Zeppelin's "Black Dog" out if the gate but soon takes on Wolfmother originality.  It's adroitly followed by a great track, "New Moon Rising" that has perfect all over it.  "White Feather" is a Led Zeppelin (Houses of the Holy period) respecting tune that displays his natural Plant-like vocal abilities.

"Sundial" is another great Rock track that recalls to mind any of the Rock greats of the '70s.  Respectfully. 

Ok...we now know that Wolfmother emulates their heroes.  We've heard this before.  Where Wolfmother is different is that they ARE this music...perfectly embodied. 

Cosmic Egg is a great Rock effort from beyond some veil we are not privy to.  But Stockdale and his crew are.  I'm going to leave it at that.  But if you want a solid, unmatched adventure into an alternate universe where their present is our magical past, look no further than Cosmic Egg from Wolfmother. 

Accept no substitutes. There aren't any anyway!









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