Steve Conte
Steve Conte & The Crazy Truth

Release Date: October 20, 2009
Produced by: Steve Conte
Format: CD



Matt Rowe


You can't affiliate yourself with the legendary New York Dolls and not gain some advantage from it.  Steve Conte is in the enviable position once held by Johnny Thunders.  With gritty guitar and a recognizeable NYC attitude, this formed trio (one of several Conte projects) has released an album of 11 good, old-fashioned '70s NYC barroom Rock 'n Roll.

The lyrical subject matter is the same ground traversed by the original NY Dolls.  There's every element that reflects the truth about NYC at it's nightime darkest.  The straight-ahead Rock that fuels those words is, strum for strum, beat for beat, highly respectful of the NY Dolls legacy. While Conte's lead work is much more polished than Thunders could have produced, the chordwork is great.

Conte and The Crazy Truth are joined at points by David Johansen, who brings his harmonica to Conte tunes, and others like Danny Ray, who has played with Syl Sylvain and Thunders.

The songs are all fun to listen to.  The Rock heard on this S/T debut are solid and memory-invoking.  It may not be the equivalent of much of NYC's finest, but trust me, Conte & The Crazy Truth serve their purpose on this release, which was to entertain at a high level.  With songs like "Gypsy Cab," "The Truth Ain't Pretty," and the best track on the album, "Junk Planet," Steve Conte has nothing to prove.  We are satiated.









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