Rickie Lee Jones

Release Date: June 30, 2009
Produced by: Lenny Waronker
Format: Hybrid SACD/CD



Matt Rowe


By the arrival of Pirates, Rickie Lee Jones has aged into what can only be referred to as a fine wine.  Although Pirates was only her second album after the immense success of her S/T debut several years earlier, it revealed an amazingly talented and intelligent singer/songwriter that we have since fallen deeply in love with.

The album opens with her beautiful "We Belong Together" but she further captured our affection with excellent songs like "Living It Up," and her single effort, "A Lucky Guy". But the reality is clear, there isn't a bad song anywhere on this excellent album.  And who dismiss the gorgeous "The Returns," or the R&B heavy, 8-minute "Traces of the Western Slopes."

Fans of Rickie Lee Jones have every reason to be pleased with this Mobile Fidelity SACD reissue of Pirates.  With finely tuned attention to every nuance of Rickie Lee Jones musical compositions, this SACD expresses purely the magic of Pirates.  Simply, this SACD version is the most vibrant way to experience what you already know to be a deserving album.

To enhance the acquisition, MoFi has reissued this SACD title in a Special Limited Edition, each uniquely numbered.  As with any SACD, you must have a special player to gain full advantage of the enhanced and extraordinary defined SACD layer.  However, many PS3s have the capability to play SACDs, but not all.  (Check your iteration of PS3 to determine it's functionalities.).  Also, all MoFi SACDs have a CD layer that is able to be played in most redbook CD players.  You'll still get a superior audio advantage from this remastered CD than most previous versions of this album.

Pirates is a great album from a stunning singer/songwriter.  If you currently enjoy SACD capability, this reissue is the way to go.



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