Kris Kristofferson
Closer to the Bone

Release Date: September 29
Produced by: Don Was
Format: CD



Matt Rowe


The latest album by the revitalized Kris Kristofferson is an excellent follow-up to his successful and deep-reaching 3 year-old classic, This Old Road.  Closer to the Bone is a collection of 11 cuts, all continuing Kristofferson's embracing of aging, his fervent loves and adorations, and his disparaging of events.  And while This Old Road is his masterpiece, Closer to the Bone is that album's younger brother - close in concept and sound.

There are several gems on this intimate album.  The first of the extraordinary songs follows the opening track.  "From Here to Forever" is a love song to his children, beautifully written and lovingly sung as if it were a lullabye.  It's words and sentiment can be felt by all with a love for their children.  The chorus reaches across several realms with thoughts like "...and be there where ever you go."

Kristofferson's music with it's accompanying lyrics have an uncanny ability to pull your heart out through your tiny tear ducts.  The written words are adoring words for heroes and family.  We identify with them because he expresses the same loves and admirations that we feel. 

Over the last two albums, Kris Kristofferson has beaten Neil Young at Neil's own type of music.  Make the comparisons.  I'm betting you'll agree.









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