Grizzly Bear

Release Date: May 26, 2009
Produced by: N/A
Format: CD



Matt Rowe


The unavoidable notice of influence for Grizzly Bear runs an eclectic mix of late '60s Pop with sprinkles of Talking Heads, a dash of vocals from Depeche Mode (here and there), and other inventive alternative folk bands.  But let me tell you people, it is exhilarating.  If you find yourself displeased, I'd be surprised.  But if you enjoyed '60s Pop, you'll be hooked.  Why? Because you're going to hear all kinds of it throughout this fantastic album.

But there us also a strange shoe-gazer vibe that runs through some of these tunes.  This is not a negative assessment of these tunes.  Instead it reveals, yet again, the weaving nature of this alterna-folk band.

In today's climate, it's refreshing to come across a band that takes a jigsaw approach to past influences, especially when that band has a gifted approach to songcraft, and produces a solid, entrancing batch of songs.  I always measure the quality of such a band by their probable chance of success had they been around during the periods that they draw their influence from.  Grizzly Bear is that kind of band - talented, harmonious, and demanding of your attention.  Simply, they're extraordinary.
I call this a great thing.









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