The Feelies
The Feelies
Crazy Rhythms
The Good Earth

Release Date: Reissues - September 8, 2009
Produced by: Crazy Rhythms (N/A);
The Good Earth (Peter Buck)
Format: CD



Matt Rowe


The Feelies originated from NJ way back in the late '70s.  On a whim, they created one of the great, influential albums that many of us have never heard or even know exists.  Crazy Rhythms is that album.  Themselves recognizeably influenced by The Velvet Underground, they worked up a set of 10 amazing tracks, released a single, and then caught the interest of the then burgeoning Stiff Records, who released Crazy Rhythms. 

I caught their single, "Fa Ce La" on Chicago's XRT-FM station and fell in love with the unique and frenetic tune.  It also had me running to a record shop to pick up a hard to find LP.  But I acquired one shortly.  Amazed is an apt if not fully descriptive word to use to relay the greatness that lie in these tracks.  Not a bad song in the bunch.

Crazy Rhythms was followed a few years later by The Good Earth.  The Good Earth carries infectious tunes throughout its 10 tracks.  There is a clear familiarity in these tracks but they are not imbued with the same abandon that permeates the debut.  The Good Earth does a wonderful job of channeling Lou Reed, a feat especially noted on "Slipping (Into Something)".  Nevertheless, The Good Earth is still Feelies gold.  If you were like me, your 6-year wait was satisfied.

Newly reissued by Bar None Records, and adorned with bonus tracks, these two The Feelies gems can once again be in your collection.  Yes, it's early '80s post-punk geek rock, but their superb Crazy Rhythms debut is so great, that even after all of these years, it is still so easy to embrace.  The Good Earth feels good as a tag-along, a much loved younger brother.

The bonus additions for Crazy Rhythms include a radio edit single version of "Fa ce-La," a demo version of "The Boy With the Perpetual Nervousness," a demo version of "Moscow Nights," and a Live version of "Crazy Rhythms." . The bonus songs found The Good Earth include a Live version of "Slipping (Into Something)," as well as cover tunes of "She Said She Said" (The Beatles), and "Sedan Delivery" (Neil Young).

If you've never heard of The Feelies or you heard of them but never bothered to investigate, now is the time to indulge yourself.  With these excellent reissues, The Feelies are, once again, on our radar.  Where they have always belonged.









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