The Beatles
Mono Remasters

Release Date: September 09, 2009
Produced by: George Martin, Others
Format: CD Box



Jeff Rompala


Many were very disappointed with the 1987 Beatles remasters.  Audiophile complaints were mid-range disappearing, over-emphasis of bass (or lack of) or too much doodling with mono recordings to make them stereo tracks.  I am happy to report that in this reviewer's humble opinion, they finally got it right with the Mono Remasters.

The Mono remasters are a real treat.  Four years of work really shows here.  McCartney’s bass has more punch, Ringo’s drums are more present as opposed to lost, and - WOW - there really was midrange in those old recordings that were lost in translation to tape.  There is little if any tweaking for the sake of tweaking here.  What we do have are more detail revealing mixes on almost every track.  I promise that when listening to these mixes you will be astounded by things you never heard before which, are now revealed.
There is also a pleasant or nostalgic feeling, if you will, that is gotten from listening to mono tracks remixed in and for mono.  It is almost as good as discovering the music for the first time.  You will be surprised at how your old memory banks will be able to ascertain the differences as compared to the original issues.  Listening to these discs on my old Marantz receiver and tube amplifiers are a special experience as well.

Artwork and packaging is superb. Featuring all the original album covers, they are each painstakingly reproduced along with original liner notes. Extra tracks meander their way through the sets too.  For example, Help! includes stereo mixes of "Ticket to Ride," "Yesterday," and several other tunes.  This makes for a pleasant (and interesting) comparative edition of said songs.
I would encourage you to buy the Mono Remasters and relive, revive and remember the Beatles in your listening repertoire.  Unfortunately, I do not know if you will be able to get them.  One may have to pay a premium or wait until the next lot is issued.  Yes, the Mono sets are that much in demand.  Check Ebay and you will see some having sold for over $600.

Don’t miss these or else, at the leats, catch the second batch.  Crank them up, sit on a corn flake and wait for the band to come. 

An excellent NPR broadcast has Beatles Historian Kevin Howlett comparing various Beatles recording versions here.









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