The Swimmers
People Are Soft

Release Date: November 03, 2009
Produced by: The Swimmers
Format: CD



Matt Rowe


Who are The Swimmers that they should come and gather up my interest as if they knew the hallways of my mind like familiar ghosts?  On their self-released album, People Are Soft, there is a sweet collection of Pop that brings to mind eras gone past.  Even so, there is a solid foot in this era of music as well.  That delivers a fine batch of music that will entertain the older generation AND the younger set.

There is a hint of Coldplay all tangled up in 'flashback' music.  With tunes like "What This World is Coming To," and the cool "Give Me The Sun" (parts The Angels ('60s), and The Go-Go's ('80s), you start to seriously engage.

Eventually, you get some super cool music with their psychedelic "Save Me (From the Brightness)," "Nervous Wreck," and "To the Bells", all with a genuine post-punk Pop-styled authenticity.

Simply, you're going to find much to like about The Swimmers' second album, People Are Soft.  There is no good one track for download as they all warrant your attention.   Like me, you're likely to go hunting for their first album.










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