Steve Roach
Dynamic Stillness

Release Date: May 05, 2009
Produced by: Steve Roach
Format: 2CD



Matt Rowe


There is something musically beautiful and utterly captivating within the 2 discs that make up the latest release in Steve Roach's vast ambient catalogue.  Dynamic Stillness is best characterized as being sounds of a lone location where emptiness abounds in a very powerful, but immensely beautiful way.  As the music progresses from piece to piece, they change to reflect the completeness of this genesis as it comes alive.

The album begins with a 40+-minute work called “Birth of Still Places.”  It starts with a noised stillness that is full of an unimagined power.  It progresses to uncover simple melodies sounding much like Roger Eno's miraculous ambient masterpiece, Voices.  They are small installments of echoed and ghostly shards of sound that express nothing short of grandeur in birth; something great in the act of becoming.

But what makes Dynamic Stillness an ambient force is that it doesn't stop at the already magnificent extended first track.  You are awarded seven more pieces that combine with “Birth of Still Places” to further accentuate the audio journey that this album will guide you in.  All speak of the same power and grace that lies just within our consciousness.  This birthing element, when woven into a story that your mind will supply you with, can be a soothing elixir of sound that will energize your spirit.

Just close your eyes and slip into a new world of peace and strength supplied by the talent of Steve Roach, one of our treasured ambient greats.









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