Revolting Cocks
Sex-O Olympic-O

Release Date: March 03, 2009
Produced by: N/A
Format: CD



Douglas Bice


The Revolting Cocks (or RevCo for short) is an industrial rock band that, by name alone, is sure to intrigue or repel depending on your preference. Formed in 1983, their unusual name stems from an incident involving alchohol and property damage in a Chicago bar. let's just say there were cocktails-a-plenty and mayhem ensued. Stay Classy, RevCo!.

Their eighth and latest effort is a CD entitled Sex-O Olympic-O. You know you are in for a good time when the CD's opening song is "Hookerbot3000", an aural reminder of the cheesy 80's movie "Weird Science" where two young lads attempt to build their own hooker-bot on their home computer. The title track from the aforementioned movie sang by Oingo Boingo actually reminds me of "Hookerbot3000" to a slight degree, but Revco is less fluffy and more angry. Ballsy Boingo if you will.
"Keys To The City"- Gary Glitter on acid. Nuff said! "Red Planet"- Nice guitar intro, not really a bad song. Sounds like a pissed off Devo. " Robo Banditos"- an 80's throwback but with modern day cahones. " Cousins"- Very fast synth driven...catchy song, but I am thankful that I cannot decipher the lyrics for obvious reasons. "Touch Screen" - More 80's synth with a harder edge.
"I'm Not Gay"- Has that "you're at a rave" feel, a long instrumental entrances you before you are bombarded with vocals. This is the heaviest song on the album thus far.

" Abundant Redundancy" is a cute play on words, with not so cute screaming from the vocalist. Beware the feel-it-in-the-nads kickdrum. My ears plead with me to press the skip button, but my drive to be a good music reviewer kept me trudging onwards...for approximately ten more seconds.  "Lewd Ferrigno" begins with a narrative telling of a mystical journey with your reward for listening to this song coming at 50 seconds when you are punished by screams of "Lewd Ferrigno"...if the Hulk heard this, Hulk would smash!

"Wizard Of Sextown" - This is the longest song on the CD clocking in at 7:20. This song starts out by testing the limits of your speakers bass. The vocals here are Bowie-esque, the words are unintelligible, but does it matter? A couple of minutes into the song, it shifts into a cacophany of chaos, but it actually works to their advantage. This is the best song musically on the entire disc, showing true musicianship, sounding a touch like Janes Addiction.

"Hookerbot 3000 Disco A Go Go Mix." Thank goodness there is a disco mix or panic would have erupted in the streets. This version is longer than the original, and sounds pretty similar, but with a more updated 2009 spin instead of that outdated December 2008 sound. My sarcasm is telling me that my reviewer buck stops here. I am only one man, and I can only handle so many Hookerbots in a day.
The mastering on this CD is painfully loud and anvil-on-the-head shrill, with a top-end tizz that left my ears bleeding. Something tells me this is mostly artistic intent. Something also tells me that most people listening to this CD will not give a rats-ass about the sound quality. This isn't a slam on the music or its listeners, Revco have a unique blend of dancable songs and freakishly fun sounds with a quirkiness that is sure to be appreciated by fans of the genre. Me and a friend (shout out to Archie) actually found the songs entertaining had it not been for the insta-migraine...or maybe we're just too damn old. This is not music to sit and listen to, this is 'get up and bounce' industrial/electronica/rave/dance music with a healthy dose of twisted humor in the lyrics.

Rave in a box, glowstick not included.









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