Dw Dunphy

Release Date: April 04, 2009
Produced by: Dw Dunphy
Format: CD



Matt Rowe


The latest album by Dw Dunphy presents a dramatic change to it that moves away (somewhat) from the heady, progressive makeup of his past works to a more accessible Pop style.  This is successfully achieved without spoiling the unique quality of the music that Dunphy is used to producing.  In turn, this creates an album that maintains the edge of Dunphy’s lyrics yet sweetening the delivery to allow for greater interest and consumption.

Dunphy’s new 12-track album still approaches the world in his usual observer mode.  Enigmatic opens with the kind of snappy '80s Top40 style that we all remember on his “Stories for Telling.”  “The Icy Frozen Ocean” has a hint of “Life in a Northern Town” within its song makeup.  Dunphy stays sonically edgy by tossing in LP clicks and pops between some songs. 

Dunphy still likes to play with sounds though as is noted on  “Neon Kabuki” before it becomes a part of the next song, “I'd Rather Be There.”  He experiments with a country sound on his acoustic “The Death of an American Man.”  Surprisingly, the best song on the album is an excellently crafted look at our outcome called “Something That You've Never Had.”  Over much of the album you'll hear Pink Floyd and Beatles influences – much as you do in many of his compositions.  But you'll also sense his various experimentations within this new Pop exploration.

Music by Dw Dunphy is always a treat in any style he presents it.  IndiePop is a new angle but is still quite an experience.









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