The Library

Release Date: March 10, 2009
Produced by: Robert Shahnazarian, Jr
Format: CD/EP



Matt Rowe


The Library has just released a 4-song EP with two bonus tracks that are remixes.  The entrancing thing about this EP of music begins on the first track, one that shows the evolution of music even yet again.  The first song is “It Ain’t Over,” which is sung with a voice that has some soul in it, and a song arrangement that is not of the usual, present-day style.

There is a hint of ‘80s music here wrapped well within the framework of vocal tracks, the kind that you don’t normally hear anymore.  And while the spectre of the ‘80s is here, the music is fresh and fun.  The Library is one that I’ll keep an ear out for.  Because I think that with this small offering of music, we have a band that might catch our ears more intently in the short future.  The vocalist is one to pay attention to.

Melodic, nostalgic, and representative. 









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