Gary Wright
Gary Wright
Waiting to Catch the Light
The Light of a Million Suns

Release Date: Waiting to Catch the Light (11/24/08)
The Light of a Million Suns (12/16/08)
Produced by: Gary Wright
Format: DD



Matt Rowe


Many of you will remember “Dreamweaver,” and “Love is Alive” by ‘mid-‘70s artist, Gary Wright.  And like many of us, those Top40 tunes still stick in the brain, representing and toasting an era that experienced magnificent musical changes, more so than any other decade of Rock.  While Gary Wright did not enjoy the same level of success after those songs as well as two top-selling WB albums (Dreamweaver; The Light of Smiles), he still continued to produce albums throughout his solo career.  What you may not remember was that Gary Wright not only produced those two hit albums, but that he also came off a career with Spooky Tooth as their keyboardist and vocalist before entertaining a solo career.

Gary Wright has recently released two new albums, one a 6-track ambient set, and the other a 4-track EP with a re-recorded 1976 Top40 hit, “Love is Alive.”

The first album, the ambient-styled set called Waiting to Catch the Light, is very reminiscent of early period Tangerine Dream in many ways.  Wright, in an effort to recapture those warm sounds, is using vintage analog synthesizers from that ‘70s time period.  The starting track, “Silent Choir of Snowflakes” begins with a building repetition that will recall Tangerine Dream in its fullness (reminding of Stratosfear although not as ominous and heavy).  It is meditative and calming with a signature Wright keyboard style that is unmistakable.  The remaining 5 tracks (“Lost in the Forest of Time” is excellent; a soundtrack-like piece that musically represents the title of the song accurately) provide the same level of enjoyment that the opener does making this album (currently an iTunes+ download with plans to release as physical CD soon) a new chapter that combines Wright’s moments with Spooky Tooth as well as his solo materials, and creates a stylish reminder of the best of the ‘70s synth movement, with Tangerine Dream the dominant influence.

The vocals heard on the first track of The Light of a Million Suns, (a re-record of “Love is Alive” with son, Dorian Wright) is wonderfully R&B but the song is infused with a Hip/Hop style that makes the song an interest for older listeners but more pertinent for newer audiences, as a kind of remix for dance.  It is followed by three varying tracks that recall Wright’s unique early period solo works, especially the fourth tune, “Hold On.”  With the exception of “Love is Alive,” the other songs sound as if they were actually recorded back in the late ‘70s/early ‘80s.

If you miss the dark, pioneering synth-work of the ‘70s masters, then Waiting to Catch the Light will be an immense pleasure.  The four tunes heard on the released EP, The Light of a Million Suns, will bring back the sound of the best of Gary Wright’s career tunes along with the reworked track of “Love is Alive.”  That particular EP album might be more or less desirable, largely because of its updated sound of “Love is Alive,” which will engage curious listeners.  Some will like the re-recorded work, while others will dismiss it as a shadow.  Regardless, Gary Wright has returned with enough force for older listeners, and newer audiences.









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