Lawrence Blatt
The Color of Sunshine

Release Date: April 20, 2009
Produced by: William Ackerman
Format: CD



Matt Rowe


I've always been a fan of William Ackerman's Windham Hill label of sound stylists.  In particular, I've enjoyed many of Ackerman's own album releases.  Of course, it's been years since we've heard much from that once popular folkie/world music label but when it was at its peak, the music coming from them were quite good.  But Ackerman hasn't disappeared even if his once mighty label has changed hands several times and diminished. 

Ackerman produces the third album from the meditative and acccomplished guitarist, Lawrence Blatt, named in the dreamy Windham Hill tradition, The Color of Sunshine.  This album is filled with 14, mostly acoustic instrumentals that incorporate percussion and other exotic instruments to flesh out the songs.

Blatt explores colors to create his audio paintings.  The often soft guitars heard on each track provide a  mood setting that allow you to luxuriate in these pieces.  If you remember the glory years of Bill Ackerman, along with label-mates Alex DeGrassi, then you'll remember how intoxicating these guitar pieces actually are. I have a fondness for the gorgeous “Jaune (Yellow)” with its violin and accordion accompaniments.

Lawrence Blatt is a natural for the Windham Hill stable of style.  His guitar is peaceful, and his songs are beautiful.









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