Toni Childs
Keep the Faith

Release Date: May 05, 2009 (US)
Produced by: David Tickle, David Ricketts, & Toni Childs
Format: CD



Matt Rowe


After so many years away from making full length albums, Toni Childs, who gave us such classic tunes as “Walk and Talk Like Angels,” and “Stop Your Fussing” from her superlative debut, returns with a very strong album of new songs.  And what a powerhouse it is.  Toni Childs is in possession of a magnificent voice that sets her wonderfully apart from the pack of current top female stars, none of which has a voice as unique and as powerful as hers. 

On her newest album, which has already been released in Australia, Toni Childs delivers eleven tracks of strong songs, rivaling her debut.  And I’m not saying that lightly.  I have been consistently listening to the selection of tracks on this album, and while I have my favourites, it is tough to ignore most of the songs found here.

Two of the strongest songs are “Because Your Beautiful,” which is not a new work, having been written and recorded (and long available) for Africa but is a lead-off single given its beauty and memorable chorus.  The title track, “Keep the Faith,” almost steals the thunder of that track (and for some it just might do just that).  It perfectly underscores Child's unique vocal presentation, with the insightful lyrics that draws us in deeply, much like a Joni Mitchell tune.

On Keep the Faith, Toni Childs lyrically addresses insecurities, weighty issues that affect us personally, belief sets, and wide-scale ignorance within her eleven tracks.  It's rare to get that many well received songs but Childs has been at it for a while.  If you find a song  that doesn't catch your interest, hang in there.  Keep the Faith is filled with keepers.

While Union stands as one of the great albums in Toni Childs' very small catalogue (even after 20 years,) Keep the Faith effortlessly picks up from that debut to present a anticipating fanbase with an extraordinary work that will be long remembered, much as Union is held close to heart.

Childs’ name was an historical whisper that just became a full-bodied shout again. You can acquire Keep the Faith with no fear.  I hope to hear more from Toni Childs in the not too distant future as she is engagingly this generation's Joni Mitchell.









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