The Wisdom Out of the Wound

Release Date: May 01, 2009
Produced by: Sin D'rella
Format: CD



Matt Rowe


This 6-track (seven if you count the buried bonus track - #97) EP features the British vocal doppelganger of Patti Smith, when she puts her mind to it.  This CD/EP is a self-produced disc that contains warm, personally hand-written track listings and a short crediting.  Musically, this band moves around a selection of style, all with an edgy, industrial element attached.  But the songs are contagious, and her eerie Patti Smith vocals go a long way in snaring your attention.  The first song, “Feedback,” jumps out with an industrial, NIN sound made all the more effective with her Smith-like vocals.  “Sleep” scales back with a 3-minute+ layer of softness before shifting gears. 

“Divided” begins with a rhythmic set of heart-beats that are joined by the 'by-now' settling in of the familiar vocals that is reminiscent of early Patti Smith.  This track is quite good.  But the stride is hit with with listening to the entire EP (and that hidden track found on #97).  The music is Goth in nature, but any listener can sense the hidden talent laying beneath these songs.  The best track on the EP is the near-perfect “Reptilian.”

Imprint is an excellent offering to the alt-indie world.  Harnessed and 'guided,' we could have a stunningly talented individual in the making here.  Edgy, established labels should take note of not only Imprint, but also the untapped talent of Sin D'rella, who produced this notable self-released effort.









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