Peel Sessions

Release Date: January 13, 2009
Produced by: George Thomas (2001)/Simon Askew (2004)
Format: CD



Matt Rowe


Peel Sessions are the currency extraordinaire for any band lucky enough to have genuine tapes produced from such sessions.  John Peel of the BBC Radio network adored music and utilized his enviable position to invite bands to play live in his studio (the equivalent of your favourite band – or any band for that matter – to play at your house, so to speak).  With his respected legacy, a band with such tapes can use them as a tool to gain attention.  And many have.  Equally unique is that these sessions usually produced an open, heady set by the band.  Often the music is more accessible in its live state and the many historic collections of Peel Sessions tapes reveal this often.

Nebula, an LA-based power trio with Stones-like qualities, had their moments between the periods of 2002 and 2004 when they recorded live in-studio tracks with John Peel.  Nebula has already enjoyed success as a successful stoner-rock band with plenty of material to appease the audiences that flocked to their shows.  The guitar work of founder, Eddie Glass is incendiary to say the least, easily enjoyed on the band's original albums, To the Center, and Charged. 

On these live Peel Sessions tracks, Nebula performs flawlessly, providing the same energetic hot-lava flow that they're well known for and appreciated because of.  There are eleven tracks that include “Carpe Diem,” “Sonic Titan,” the supreme “Freedom,” and the smoking “So It Goes.”  Four tracks are from a 2001 session (“This One,” “Sonic Titan,” “All the Way,” “Freedom”) with the Glass/Ross/Abshire/Romano lineup, four tracks from a 2004 session (“Carpe Diem,” “So It Goes,” “Way to Venus,” “Fin”) with the Glass/Mitchell/Romano lineup, and three performance tracks from their 2003 Radio 1 Rock Show (“Radio 1/Clearlight,” “Instant Gravitation,” “Strange Human”) with the Glass/Romano/Wilson lineup.  All tracks rock solid!

If you love Nebula (you know who you are), then this collection of Sessions tracks is an absolute must, especially since their re-emergence that drops tours and albums into our lap.  Besides, what fan of any band doesn't want the genuine flow that are often found in Peel Sessions, within their libraries.









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