Late of the Pier
Fantasy Black Channel

Release Date: January 13, 2009 (US)
Produced by: Erol Alkin
Format: CD



Matt Rowe


There is quite enough to say about the music of Late of the Pier, a quartet from the UK, that now makes their way to the US with their August ’08 UK release, Fantasy Black Channel.  The music has a style that emanates from the ‘80s but has a strong danceable edge to it, if not experimental.  Stylistically, the music is referred to as dance-punk as it adds a rhythmic sound to their songs, something here that I happen to like very much for its wonderfully experimental feel and ‘off the beaten path’ difference.  There is an element of Eno-era Talking Heads, and by extension, Brian Eno musically.  There’s plenty of the ‘80s staple synth sound in these songs but instead of being horribly derivative (and they are derivative), they wow you with their freshness.  Regardless, you’re likely to have much more fun with Late of the Pier by just enjoying them.

You have to let them overtake you.  Many of the songs on Fantasy Black Channel are quite capable of doing this.  Several of these songs have already been proven singles in the UK (dig on “The Bears Are Coming,” and “Whitesnake” with its familiar Numan-like electronica).  You should also have plenty of fun with that Numan-synth on “The Enemy are The Future.” This album, although recently released in the US, is easily one of the albums of 2008 since it was released in the UK in that time period.

I’m excited by the arrival of this album on our shores.  It is a bright spot in the otherwise dull white noise that seems to stream past our ears day in and day out.  Late of the Pier won’t be for everyone but if you have a love for early ‘80s synth-pop, and you miss the sound of it, Late of the Pier is a skilled producer of a new batch of that music for these times.

The US release adds two bonus tracks that inlcude a remixed "The Bears Are Coming," and "Very WAV." In addition, be aware that the track "Bathroom Gurgle" has a hidden track within it.









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