Bujo Kevin Jones
& Tenth World

Release Date: November 11, 2008
Produced by: Kevin Jones
Format: CD



Matt Rowe


Bujo Kevin Jones has a philosophy about music that I was shocked to read but I had to agree with.  He said, “People want to be entertained.”  He went on to say that music need not always be cerebral and out of reach; that it needs to be more selfless and less selfish.  Many people have different musical tastes.  When we as lovers of music feel a sense of annoyance that everyone doesn't follow our stream of appreciation, we shut ourselves off to the full scope of music.  What works for us will not always work for our friends. Of course, it is great when we can share a love for a particular work but, more often than not, that does not happen.  We are then amazed that someone cannot joy in the “brilliance” of a song or album, while they equally find that we are unbelievably “dull.”

In the newest album by Bujo Kevin Jones & Tenth World, we find the percussionist in a Live setting from a 2004 show at the Village Theater in South LA's Leimart Park.  The album contains six songs that are a splendid mix between what would be referred to as 'cerebral' and what is considered entertainment pieces to thrill the audience.  All of the songs on this album are very entertaining, fluctuating between free-form Jazz and mixing in Caribbean rhythms as well as Latin flavours throughout.

The long, improvisational works of these songs go for the full thrill ride with entertaining and enjoyable playing of instruments.  In a Live setting, a band such as Tenth World can get an audience in a trance, absorbing the music coming from the stage.   With the saxophone, trumpets, keys, percussion, bass, and serious Latin Jazz styles coming from the speakers, Live! can truly do what it intended to do in the first place – be selfless and entertain.









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