Kill the Buddah!

Release Date: January 27, 2009
Produced by: Martin Bowes
Format: CD



Matt Rowe


Attrition has long been a fixture on the Rock circuit but from different angles and forbidden borders.  With a history that forms from their beginnings in 1980, when such music began to find audiences they would have been hard-pressed to find in the ‘70s, to their present moments, where new music by the band is as potent and effective as their earlier catalogues.

In 2005 and 2006, this legendary band embarked on an ambitious tour that embraced not only the band’s native UK but also countries like Mexico and the US.  Billed as the 25th Anniversary Tour, this collection of performance songs are taken from shows in the US (AZ, FL, ID, KS, NC, and even the hinterlands of IA), and Europe (Antwerp, Belgium; Erlangen, Germany). 

Kill the Buddha!: The 25th Anniversary Tour contain songs from their vast catalogue, performed in a continuous vein of music that makes the songs sound like a new offering.  Five of the tracks are found on their Dante’s Kitchen (2004) album, with the rest an historical pathway through Attrition’s music garden.  Bowes and company do not just rehash the old songs, they reinvent them by infusing them with a familiar but strong dose of energy.  If you’re familiar with Attrition, you will thrill with this Projekt release.

Attrition is opera, Attrition is experimentation of the highest order, Attrition is in a world all of their own, orbiting some strange star with an atmosphere of fear to breathe.  This Live album is more than a Live album, it is the capture of a rift in a theoretical multiverse, proof that such frightening places exist.  Attrition is extraordinary music for connoisseurs of challenge and this Live album reaffirms Attrition’s musical prowess.

Kill the Buddha! is essential to your Attrition library.









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