Steve Roach/Erik Wollo
Stream of Thought

Release Date: January 13, 2009
Produced by: Steve Roach / Erik Wollo
Format: CD



Matt Rowe


The combined efforts of ambient masters, Steve Roach and Erik Wollo, have created an extraordinary cerebral flow of ambient music that is at once adrenaline pumping, yet mesmerizing. 

This album is 19 separate musical parts over 70 minutes and transitioned by silence, one mood pushing into another.  Each part delivers a soundtrack-like urgency that underscores a tension.  Whether softly moving or fiercely running, these pieces effectively come together to produce the engaging whole.

The album is called Stream of Thought, an interactive escapist work that provides you the music to your relaxed state.  It’s not for you to slip on and run in the background as the music is too commanding.  It will draw you in and have you within the imaginative strands of your mind immediately by the first notes of the first song.  It is best experienced by headphones and with your eyes closed to achieve a unique full effect that this collaboration is intending.  And no experience should be the same.  Like aural opium, Stream of Thought is potent and will deliver many satisfying dramas.









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