Future Past

Release Date: November 17, 2009
Produced by: Ryan Lum & Anji Bee
Format: CD



Matt Rowe



You only need one listen to the latest album from Lovespirals to realize that we're enjoying a hyper-evolved band that has become a vastly superior duo since their last release by light-years.  For those that know Lovespirals, Future Past is their masterpiece work to date.  In addition, Lovespirals have broadened their appeal with music that bridges generations.

Utilizing a multitude of styles that not only revisit the pre-Lovespirals entity (Love Spirals Downward) with their "Love" track but also gives us several '70s-era Pink Floyd-like tracks in the too short instrumental (but oh so wonderful) intro ("Meanwhile, Irreplaceable Time Flees," a Wish You Were Here nod) to the following vocal track, "Insignificant".  Both songs are extraordinary and lifts an already excellent album even higher.  Lum's music on "Feel So Good," especially his guitar-work, is a grand complement to the Anji Bee's vocals heard on this cut.

Ryan Lum, the instrumentalist of the 2 member band, provides all of the album's music underscoring his increasing musical maturity and delighting us with his talents.  Anji Bee, who voices the album's ten vocal tracks, has also matured immensely.  She can give us sexy ("Feel So Good"), determined ("Home"), desirous ("Rain"), and contemplative ("Sinking," "One of Those Days," "Shine"), delivering everything in the  sweetest, most convincing voice that you've heard for some time.

I'll say it now, Lovespirals is an undiscovered diamond, cut to a many-faceted perfection in their new album, Future Past.  With Manzarek-like keyboards, a masterful bluesy guitar, and an angelic voice, the 11 tracks that you'll find on this magnificent surprise are not to be missed.

While I sincerely and anxiously await the next Lovespirals album, I highly encourage both to pursue solo efforts as you can easily hear both individuals straining against their Lovespirals borders, with talents ready to explore.









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