Ian Hunter
Man Overboard

Release Date: July 21, 2009
Produced by: Ian Hunter
Format: CD



Matt Rowe


Much of what Ian Hunter has musically produced since his departure from Mott the Hoople have been excellent work, work that we came to expect from such a lyrical and musical strength.  But his last three releases have revealed an even greater, more mature singer-songwriter.  Rant maintained a stronger commercial element.  But that commercial element was shadowed on the last two releases, 2007's Shrunken Heads, and the recently released - and brilliant - Man Overboard.

Man Overboard contains a quality 11 tunes (an artist of this quality could easily produce twice this much in album sessions).  From the album's title track, "Man Overboard", introduced with harmonica, to his frenetic "The Great Escape" and every other track that makes up the whole, we get a strong album of songs that reflect in all directions.

What makes Man Overboard stand out further is that it actually sounds as if these could be exemplary Mott the Hoople recordings if they were undertaken by the band.  But they're Ian Hunter tunes, and great ones at that.  We're fortunate to be able to enjoy quality compositions by one who represents a remnant of the "Golden Aage of Rock & Roll". This is especially true when so many have neglected to work the magic in this age.  Thankfully, Ian Hunter is one who has continued to work his magic.  With Man Overboard, we have one more reason to mourn a rapidly disappearing art form, that of the magnificently crafted album.









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