Devendra Banhart
What Will We Be

Release Date: November 03, 2009
Produced by: Paul Butler & Devendra Banhart
Format: CD



Matt Rowe


At it's core, the latest album by singer-songwriter, Devendra Banhart, is a mixed bag collection of folk pieces, and rockers, all great fun to listen to.  Properly called What Will We Be, the album offers 14 tracks that will surprise you with their above average quality.

Banhart has no qualms with reaching into a bag of tricks and discovering new and interesting ways to communicate his songs.  Which is why What Will We Be works fairly well.  There's enough diversity in there to keep you coming back for more. 

What hurts the album, as a whole, is that same diversity.  It comes off like a stack of favourites songs in a mixtape.  The thing about a mixtape is that what works for you generally doesn't work for others.  Regardless, Devendra Banhart has created a major label debut (however it's not his first album) that shines enough to catch an audience.  For me, I liked it's eclectic mix and "outside the box" approach.  With a soft tune like "Meet Me at Lookout Point," and about-face rocker like "16th & Valencia Roxy Music" and a handful of other playful tunes, What Will We Be is an album to be enjoyed for what it is to you.









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